Awards & Honors

Media Agency of the Year

ISSUE DATE: 02.13.17

Celebrating the finest in the media agency business.

These honors are primarily editorial driven; but if you would like to propose a candidate for consideration, please send rational to Editor three months prior to Issue date.

Adweek Project Isaac Awards

ISSUE DATE: 08.21.17
ENTRIES OPEN: 02.13.17

Honors the inventors who are expanding the realm of possibility with concepts and products that are transforming the media, advertising, marketing, and technology sectors.

10 Most Innovative Mobile Advertising Players

ISSUE DATE: 02.20.17

Most Innovative Mobile Advertising Players: Adweek inaugural list of the best in the mobile media and marketing field to include best ad, best mobile agency, most innovative tech provider to name a few.

Agencies 3.0

ISSUE: 02.27.17

Adweek editors put a spotlight on agencies of all colors and stripes that have generated solutions for clients that reflect today’s digitally savvy marketing needs.

This report will showcase agencies that bristle with digital offerings and radical new structures and will offer readers case studies that reflect the results these new strategies are delivering.

Join the conversation on forward-thinking management.

Adweek Media All-Stars

ISSUE DATE: 05.08.17
ENTRIES OPEN: 03.06.16

This annual section honors the most talented and innovative executives in the media agency world.

Digital Hot List

ISSUE DATE: 03.20.17

The Digital Hotlist takes Adweek's iconic annual "hot list" and focuses it where Millennials and Gen Z work and play. From Hottest startup, to video star to mobile game, we'll toast this year's stand-outs.

Adweek editors will top the honors with Executive and Creator of the Year.

Help us salute the most innovative techies!

CMTO Report

ISSUE DATE: 03.27.17

Adweek's Editors select the most tech conversant CMTOs in the industry -- those marketers who have harnessed martech and adtech to propel their companies forward. It'll be a look at how the industry is shaping this "new" C-suite position and where they fit in the exec landscape.

Join the conversation on forward thinking marketing.

Top 25 Influencers on Gen Z

ISSUE DATE: 04.10.17

Who's got the biggest clout and following?

Adweek's editors will highlight the digital and social trend-setters on their relationship with the newest (and hottest) consumer base. We'll report on what influences this target market and how to harness their power.

Are you an expert on Gen Z? Brand yourself next to our new and timely report.

The Power List

ISSUE DATE: 04.24.17

A ranking of the most influential, innovative and effective CEO's controlling the media, marketing, and technology sectors.

Adweek Media Plan of the Year Awards

ISSUE DATE: 09.18.17
ENTRIES OPEN: 04.24.17

Saluting the best media plan ideas and executions from media agencies around the globe.