Brand Safety Has Reached Crisis Levels, So Why Are So Few Advertisers Paying Attention?

The marketing world is in the midst of a brand safety epidemic, but despite the number of high-profile organizations affected by the latest outbreak, very few advertisers are taking satisfactory preventive measures.

Why Your Mobile Marketing Strategy Needs An Upgrade

It’s time to shatter the old view of mobile.

Celebrating the 2018 She Runs It Working Mothers of the Year

Think you know what it means to be a working mother? Try again. While everyone probably has some kind of stereotypical image, there’s no one-size-fits-all scenario of what working parenthood […]

The Five Foundations of Immersive Content

In today’s digital world, long-form content can no longer simply consist of words. Audiences demand expressive experiences; they want great storytelling that engages them with strong visuals, video, interactivity and more to connect them to the content they care about.

Why Brands Should Not Abandon Social Video Advertising

When several high-profile brands expressed their apprehension about transparency, viewability and inappropriate content, other advertisers started pumping the brakes on their digital video spend—particularly on YouTube, the target of some of the sharpest barbs.

Today’s the Day to Fall in Love…with Location Data

Romantic restaurant? Fireplace-warmed log cabin? The top of the Empire State Building? Where something happens matters—whether you're looking to pop the question or trying to better understand customer behavior. Fortunately, location data has never been more accurate or easier to access.

The Myth and Reality of Consumer Data Owned by Telcos

Virtually every major telco has thrown its hat into the ad tech ring. They believe they are in a position to monetize their substantial data assets to construct rich consumer profiles for advertisers, in much the same way that Google and Facebook are monetizing their user data.

You Can Be a Natural Business Storyteller If You Pay Attention to the Art and Science

Storytelling works. It can help you connect with an audience, build trust, gain buy-in and sell more. But while experts agree that storytelling is the most effective way to convey information, it’s getting harder than ever to stand out and be heard.