Can Media Measurement Keep Up with Video Viewership Transformation?

Here’s what every marketer wants: The ability to measure viewership today and how can you get the kind of apples-to-apples numbers that not only let you take action against your buys but let you understand the true financial impact.

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Great Customer Experience Requires a Single Source of Truth

You need to be able to know each individual that you have in your CRM and marketing automation system so that you can identify them as they move across the various online and real-world touchpoints that make up the current customer journey.

4 Ways Machine Learning Can Elevate Your Brand

Machine learning can empower brands to make smarter ad buys to reach beyond the device. Finding customers where they are requires a diverse set of accurate data signals combined with sophisticated targeting and modeling capabilities.

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Put the Screen Down and Call Your Mother (After You Watch This Ad)

Over the past several years, the Bangkok-based insurance giant has partnered with Ogilvy to produce a tear–jerking run of thoughtful, vignette-style ads, each garnering millions of views.

If You Want to Know the ROI of Your TV Buys, Start Using Footfall Attribution

TV ads are now much more effective in gauging performance because they’re able to close the loop on the customer journey and identify the moments that lead to actual purchase.