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Why Jeremy Scahill Did Not Want to Appear on TV With Milo Yiannopolis

"I see 500 ways that Milo wins that situation and not a single path to victory for Bill Maher."

ABC Sells Out Its Oscars Inventory, With 30-Second Spots Costing Up to $2.5 Million

It will be ABC's highest single day of ad revenue all year.

Melissa McCarthy Kia Spot Is This Week’s Most Digitally Engaging Ad

The chart-topping Kia spot has McCarthy starring as a hapless eco-warrior. The Super Bowl ad has had more than 900 post-game airings.

Condé Nast Entertainment Debuts a New Incubator Series to Help Discover Young Filmmakers

Indigenous Media and Josh Hutcherson's production company teamed up with CNE to produce short films from five up-and-comers.

GroupM Pushes Ahead With Its Own Cross-Platform Ad Measurement Efforts

The company is working with both Nielsen and comScore on what it calls 'the next evolution of commercial ratings.'

A Revamped C-SPAN Bus Rolls Out on a 3-Week Tour of 17 HBCUs

A 24-year tradition of mobile outreach.

With Streaming Subscribers Surging, Showtime Prepares for a Fresh Boost From Billions

The network is marketing the show is if it were in its first season as an influx of younger OTT viewers brings new life to the network's content.

Here’s How You Can Optimize Preroll Campaigns for the Best Possible Response

Most people skip preroll ads, but a new study could help advertisers find creative ways to make theirs more effective, including making them six seconds long.

Facebook’s TV App Gives Content Creators Yet Another Way to Get Their Work Seen

It's another option for creators to leverage yet another platform in hopes of becoming a standout star, and original programming could soon follow.

Viacom Is Swapping Its Elaborate Upfront Spectacles for Intimate Dinners With Its CEO

The company, which threw five upfront events last year, will shift to intimate gatherings with agencies beginning in March.